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Under The Department of Corrections guidelines civilian supervisors are allowed to monitor community service inmates outside the facility. The supervisors are required to attend a training class given by the Jail and approved by the KY D.O.C.

Several of the local municipals and nonprofit organizations have utilized this program allowing them to increase daily manpower at no cost to the community.  Listed below are some of the communities and organizations that have benefited from this program.

The Union County Jail Road Crews are comprised of a Deputy Jailer and five community custody level state inmates. These crews are equipped with all the tools and materials needed to accomplish several cleanup projects in the community. This includes litter pickup along roadways, floors (cleaning, waxing, & buffing), recycling, road dept., Uniontown, John Arnold Arena, youth center, senior citizens building, libraries, and court house. During the summer months they are responsible for the mowing and landscaping of various local and state government properties.