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Jailer Shawn Elder
Jailer Shawn Elder


Mr Shawn Elder was appointed in November 2015 to fill the vacant office of retiring Jailer Cathy Smith.

Mr Elder was elected to finish the unexpired term of Jailer Smith in a 2016 special election.

“I am a lifelong resident of Union County. I have a Bachelor of Science from Murray State University, eight years management experience, and worked five years as a Deputy Sheriff in Union County. I am married to Laura Elder of Morganfield, and we have two children, Brady and Lydia Rose. I am honored to serve the people of Union County as the county Jailer.”

“From 2010 to 2015, the county subsidy to operate the county jail had increased over 400,000 dollars. Since taking office, I have moved the jail into a new direction by housing the maximum number of state inmates which resulted in $675 per day increase in revenue. I have increased other revenues, decreased expenses and focused on collecting outstanding jail housing fees. In the first quarter of 2016, the jail has collected $8755.75 in jail housing fees versus $1,928.42 in the first quarter of 2015.”

“The county Jailer not only runs the jail, but must also carefully manage the jail’s budget. I am happy to report that we are currently on target to reduce the county subsidy of operating the jail by $200,000 dollars my first year in office. I am strongly committed to finding increased revenues and efficiencies to operate our jail in the most fiscally responsible manner possible.”